The Blackburn Home frequently asked questions:

Is the building secure?

The Blackburn Home strives for a safe environment for all our Residents. Our doors are always locked and we have a security system for entering the building.  The Residents have their own personal keys to their rooms.  There is professional staff in the building 24 hours a day that is always available to you and your loved one, should they need anything, or if you need them checked on throughout the night.


When can my friends and family visit?

We encourage visitors! Visiting hours are anytime.  Our dedicated staff are available day and night to allow loved ones access to visit.


Can I go out anytime I want?

You may come and go as you please.  For fire and safety purposes, we just ask that you sign out when leaving and sign in once you return.  The sign out/in book is located in the front hallway.


What if I want to have family in for dinner?

Family and friends are welcome to join you for a meal anytime.  We ask that you notify the Director so that they may ensure that a table is set for your company.  We also have additional rooms, for larger family gatherings.


Will there be air conditioning and heat control?

Yes, each room has its own air conditioner and heating system which they can adjust for their personal comfort.


Will I be able to bring my own vehicle?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your car.  Designated parking spaces are available.


What is each room furnished with?

Each room has a private bathroom, carpeting, window blinds, paper towels, soap, and Kleenex. You are welcome to bring your own furniture, bed linens, towels, plants, toiletries, and anything else that will make you feel comfortable and at home.


How does laundry work for my loved one?

Sit back and relax! We will do your laundry at no additional charge.  Laundry is normally done on Monday or Tuesday.  If you need something dry cleaned we will help you arrange with a local dry cleaner.


What about my privacy?

To protect your privacy and ensure security, we do not display a directory nor will our staff give out personal information.

We are always here to help.  If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


Blackburn Home

6 Botsford Street

Poland, Ohio 44514


Phone – 330-757-2240

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